The Crust, 1st Edition

Treatise on Geochemistry

The Crust, 1st Edition,R.L. Rudnick,ISBN9780080448473

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Key Features

* Comprehensive and authoritative scope and focus
* Reviews from renowned scientists across a range of subjects, providing both overviews and new data, supplemented by extensive bibliographies
* Extensive illustrations and examples from the field


Volume 3 examines the chemical composition of the Earth's crust, starting with the continental crust and the rocks exposed therein, moving on to oceanic crust (MORB and oceanic plateaus) and finishing with island arc crust. In addition to providing a descriptive geochemistry of the Earth's crust, the volume summarizes the processes responsible for crustal formation and modification, exchange between the crust and other Earth reservoirs (mantle, oceans and atmosphere), and examines the secular evolution of the crust.

Reprinted individual volume from the acclaimed Treatise on Geochemistry,
(10 Volume Set, ISBN 0-08-043751-6, published in 2003)


Upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in geochemistry, ecology, earth, and soil sciences, especially those with interest in global change or environmental chemistry

R.L. Rudnick

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Maryland, MD, USA

The Crust, 1st Edition

1. The earth's crust from a planetary perspective (R.L. Rudnick).
2. Composition of the continental crust (R.L. Rudnick, Shan Gao).
3. Heat producing element distribution in the crust (C. Jaupart, J.-C. Mareschal).
4. Granites and intracrustal differentiation (M.P. Atherton).
5. Basalts and basaltic underplating (G.L. Farmer).
6. Volcanic exhalatives (C. Oppenheimer).
7. Rhyolites and explosive volcanism (G.A. Mahood).
8. Magma chamber chronology (M.R. Reid).
9. Fluid-Flow in the deep crust (J. Ague).
10. Geochemical zoning in metamorphic minerals (M.J. Kohn).
11. Thermochronology of metamorphic belts (K. V. Hodges).
12. Continental crust subduction and UHP metamorphism (D.R. Rumble III, J.G. Liou, B. Jahn).
13. Isotopic evolution and crustal growth history (P.J. Patchett).
14. Secular evolution of crust composition and the processes of its formation (C.J. Hawkesworth).
15. Ore deposits (P.A. Candela).
16. Active geothermal systems (T.M. Seward).
17. Oceanic crust: MORB, gabbros and cumulates (E. Klein).
18. U-series studies and melt percolation models (T. Elliott, M.W. Spiegelman).
19. Hydrothermal alteration processes (H. Staudigel).
20. Oceanic plateaus (A.C. Kerr).
21. Oceanic crust subduction (M.W. Schmidt, S. Poli).
22. Arcs (oceanic and continental) (P. Kelemen).

Quotes and reviews

@qu:...The Crust is certainly the work that should be of greatest interest to workers in the field of economic geology.
@from:R.J. Goldfarb, US Geological Survey, Denver, CO, USA
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