Diamond Films, 1st Edition

Chemical Vapor Deposition for Oriented and Heteroepitaxial Growth

Diamond Films, 1st Edition,Koji Kobashi,ISBN9780080447230


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  • Discusses the most advanced techniques for diamond growth

  • Assists diamond researchers in deciding on the most suitable process conditions

  • Inspires readers to devise new CVD (chemical vapor deposition

Ever since the early 1980s, and the discovery of the vapour growth methods of diamond film, heteroexpitaxial growth has become one of the most important and heavily discussed topics amongst the diamond research community. Kobashi has documented such discussions with a strong focus on how diamond films can be best utilised as an industrial material, working from the premise that crystal diamond films can be made by chemical vapour disposition. Kobashi provides information on the process and characterization technologies of oriented and heteroepitaxial growth of diamond films.


Professional researchers and graduate students working in the field of diamond films and carbon materials

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Diamond Films, 1st Edition

1. Overview of Oriented Growth

2. Diamond - Structure and CVD Growth

3. Microwave Plasma CVD Reactors

4. Other CVD Reactors

5. Crystal Orientations and Film Surface Morphology

6. Formation of Twins

7. Homoepitaxial Growth

8. Surface Reconstruction

9. Epitaxial Growth on cBN, Ni, and Other Substrates

10. Diamond Nucleation

11. HOD Film Growth

12. Oriented Growth on Noble Metals

13. Properties and Applications of Heteroepitaxial Diamond Films

14. Conclusion


  • Notations and units

  • Plasma

  • Properties of diamond and other semiconducting materials

  • Reconstruction of diamond surfaces

  • Materials constants

  • Phase diagrams of carbon and metals

  • Carbon solubilities in metals

  • Biasing and growth conditions for diamond growth

Quotes and reviews

"Dr. Kobashi has been directly involved with many of the most important developments in this area, and he is a recognized leader and exceedingly knowledgeable in the field."
-Robert Nemanich – editor in chief of Diamond and Related Materials

“A very useful book for a multitude of readers.The author of the monograph - Dr. Koji Kobashi - is a well-known scientist with an excellent reputation in the diamond society. There are currently no monographs available that cover exactly the mentioned area in such a complete way.”
-Dr. Matthias Schreck – associate editor of Diamond and Related Materials
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