Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries

Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries, 1st Edition

Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries, 1st Edition,Dominique Finon,Atle Midttun,ISBN9780080445502

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Provides a unique insight into the current challenges facing the European energy industry, including deregulation, competition, and the environment.

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Key Features

* Liberalization: Delivers timely insights into the changes facing the European energy industry in the face of deregulation.

* Competition: A direct look at business and marketing strategies in response to the influx of competition from across the globe.

* Environment: Provides powerful [insights] into the way environmentally-based legislation has now become a key driver of the energy industry in Europe


A unique and thorough investigation of the shift towards Europe-wide energy regulation, markets and business strategies, and the extent to which energy systems have become more liberalised over this period.

Reshaping of European Gas and Electricity Industries analyses the key issues facing the European energy industry, from a regulatory, market, and business perspective. Current challenges within the field are also reviewed, including competitive and environmental issues.


Energy and utilities specialists, consultants, planners, policy makers, and researchers

Dominique Finon

Affiliations and Expertise

Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Dévelopement, Paris, France

Atle Midttun

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Innovation and Economic Organization, Norwegian School of Management, Sandvika, Norway

Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries, 1st Edition

Introduction; Regulation in liberalized energy sectors: theories and concepts; Electricity regulation in Europe; Politics and regulation of gas in Europe; Energy regulation: convergence through multi-level technocracy; Electricity and gas markets in Europe: Competition and integration;
European electricity markets: Variety and Integration; European gas markets: Nascent competition and integration in a diversity of models; Competition and Market Integration in Europe: Between multidomestic and oligopolistic configurations; Strategic Configuration: Options and Perspectives; Configuration and Performance of Large European Energy Companies, a Statistical Analysis; Strategic Configuration, A Casuistic Approach; Reshaping European Energy Industry: Patterns and Challenges
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