EXERGY, 2nd Edition

Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

EXERGY, 2nd Edition,ISBN9780080970899

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Provides the theoretical underpinnings of exergy along with the tools for its analysis and optimization to minimize environmental impacts and provide guidelines for sustainable development.

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Key Features

  • Offers comprehensive coverage of exergy and its applications, along with the most up-to-date information in the area with recent developments
  • Connects exergy with three essential areas in terms of energy, environment and sustainable development
  • Provides a number of illustrative examples, practical applications, and case studies
  • Written in an easy-to-follow style, starting from the basics to advanced systems


This book deals with exergy and its applications to various energy systems and applications as a potential tool for design, analysis and optimization, and its role in minimizing and/or eliminating environmental impacts and providing sustainable development. In this regard, several key topics ranging from the basics of the thermodynamic concepts to advanced exergy analysis techniques in a wide range of applications are covered as outlined in the contents.


Upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students, researchers, scientists and engineers studying or working in mechanical, chemical, energy, environmental, process, and industrial engineering.

EXERGY, 2nd Edition

About the authors
1. Thermodynamic fundamentals
2. Exergy and energy analyses
3. Chemical exergy
4. Exergy, environment and sustainable development
5. Applications of exergy in industry
6. Exergy analysis of psychrometric processes
7. Exergy analysis of heat pump systems
8. Exergy analysis of absorption cooling systems
9. Exergy analysis of thermal energy storage systems
10. Exergy analysis of drying processes and systems
11. Exergy analysis of renewable energy systems
12. Exergy analysis of steam power plants
13. Exergy analysis of cogeneration and district energy systems
14. Exergy analysis of integrated trigeneration and multi-generation systems
15. Exergy analysis of cryogenic and liquefaction systems
16. Exergy analysis of crude oil distillation systems
17. Exergy analysis of hydrogen production systems
18. Exergy analysis of fuel cell systems
19. Exergy analysis of aircraft flight systems
20. Exergoeconomic analysis of thermal systems
21. Exergy analysis of countries, regions and economic sectors
22. Exergetic life cycle assessment
23. Exergy and industrial ecology
24. Exergy and multi-objective optimization
25. Exergy in policy development and education
26. Closing remarks and future expectations
Appendix a glossary of selected terminology
Appendix b conversion factors
Appendix c thermophysical properties

Quotes and reviews

"This thorough text examines the concept and its applications, beginning with the basics of thermodynamics in which all energy-related variables are based and continuing into relevant aspects of industrial development, psychrometric processes, heat pump systems, thermal energy storage and drying processes and systems, and renewable energy systems.. This is the second edition, expanded and covering both theoretical and practical aspects."--ProtoView.com, February 2014

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