International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 1st Edition

International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 1st Edition,Nirbhay N Singh,Thomas H Ollendick,Ashvind N Singh,ISBN9780080441054

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Nirbhay N Singh

Affiliations and Expertise

Virginia Commonwealth University

Thomas H Ollendick

Affiliations and Expertise

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universit

Ashvind N Singh

Affiliations and Expertise

Virginia Commonwealth University

International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 1st Edition

Introduction. Mental health of children and adolescents (R. Manikam). Interventions and Outcomes. Challenges and new directions in developing effective empirically validated parenting and family intervention programs (M.R. Sanders). Interventions and outcomes in autism (P. Howlin). The positive parenting program: an early intervention to improve personal relationships between teenagers and their parents (A. Ralph, M.R. Sanders). Reorientation of service delivery in Australia to an early intervention approach (A. O'Hanlon et al.). Mitigating the effects of war and displacement on children (W. Yule). Prevention. Preventing depression in adolescence: short term results from the problem solving for life program (S.H. Spence, C.L. Donovan). The resourceful adolescent program: a universal approach to the prevention of depression in adolescents (I.M. Shochet et al.). A community service model for the delivery of early childhood mental illness prevention programs (A. Wheeler, P. Riviere). Measurement in Mental Health. The revised version of the Screen for Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED-R): a new scale for measuring childhood anxiety (P. Muris). Preliminary development of a culturally appropriate measure for Asian children's depression (J.B. Koh et al.). Assessment of family functioning in Chinese adolescents: the Chinese family assessment instrument (D.T.L. Shek). Risk and Protective Factors. Problem behavior in adolescence: differential manifestations, developmental trends and risk factors (M. Dekovic et al.). Adolescents at risk of school exclusion: the identification of key risk factors to guide intervention (R. Cains). Relationship between child psycho-pathology and parental alcoholism (R.C. Jiloha). Child and Adolescent Disorders. Psychiatric comorbidity with anxiety disorders in adolescents: frequency and clinical consequences (C. Essau). Symptom patterns of children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome (K.S. Rowe, K.J. Rowe). A multidimensional evaluation of adolescent drug abusers: preliminary results of a longitudinal study (M. Bolognini et al.). Incidence of nonverbal learning disability in a high school anger management class (D. Duncan et al.). Cultural Mental Health. Effects of environmental factors on psychological adjustment in very low birthweight and higher birthweight Jamaican adolescents (M.C. Lambert et al.). Cross-cultural differences in suicidal ideation between children in Nigeria and Botswana (E.A. Akinade). Exploring the associations between social class, binge drinking and other risk behaviors among Brazilian young people (R. Uchoa et al.). The psychological and sociocultural adaption of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant adolescents in Australia (C. Leung, W. Karnilowicz). Author and subject index.
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