Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment

Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment, 1st Edition

Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, Volume 5

Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment, 1st Edition,Thomas H Ollendick,ISBN9780080440200

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Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation & Treatment draws on the experience and research of leading scientists and clinicians from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Israel and Canada to present state-of-the-art information on all aspects of child psychology and psychiatry. Special attention is given to the psychopathology, assessment, treatment, and prevention of childhood behavioral disorders.

The volume highlights the developmental-contextual framework used in the clinical formulation of these disorders, as well as process and outcome issues in treatment. Various theoretical perspectives are also reviewed, including applied behavior analysis, family systems therapy, play therapy, and pharmacologic therapy. In the final section, all of the major childhood disorders found in the DSM and ICD are described, with information on their prevalence, etiology, assessment, and treatment. This section also analyzes the empirical status of the various therapies used for the treatment of childhood disorders.

Section I examines the foundations for the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of child psychopathology. Section II reviews major theoretical approaches that have been used in the treatment of diverse child behavior disorders. Chapters use a similar format to discuss the approach including the following: theoretical underpinnings; history and current status; assessment and clinical formulation; description of the intervention procedures; proposed mechanisms of change; research findings; future directions for research and practice. Section III addresses major child psychopathologies, their assessment, and treatment. Also using a structured format, chapters in this section include: a review of the disorder under consideration and exploration of its phenomenology, prevalence, etiology, and diagnostic features; a detailed examination of the conceptualization and clinical formulation of the disorder, its multimethod and multisource assessment; psychosocial and pharmacological treatment; future directions for research and practice.

Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation & Treatment was previously published as Volume 5 of the highly acclaimed major reference work, Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, the single, most comprehensive source of information in the field of Clinical Psychology.


For graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the field of clinical psychology.

Thomas H Ollendick

Affiliations and Expertise

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universit

Children and Adolescents: Clinical Formulation and Treatment, 1st Edition

Foundations for Conceptualization, Assessment, and Treatment. Developmental–contextual considerations: person-context relations as the bases for risk and resiliency in child and adolescent development (R.M. Lerner et al.). Clinical formulation (M. Herbert). Process issues in child psychotherapy (S.R. Shirk, R.L. Russell). Outcome findings and issues in psychotherapy with children and adolescents (J.R. Weisz). Major Theoretical Approaches in the Treatment of Diverse Child Behavior Disorders. Applied behavior analysis (A. Hudson). Cognitive-behavioral therapy (P.C. Kendall et al.). Family systems therapy with children and adolescents (M.S. Robbins et al.). Parent training for child conduct problems (C. Webster-Stratton, C. Hooven). Play therapy (S.W. Russ). Psychodynamic therapy (M. Target, P. Fonagy). Pharmacological therapies (N.N. Singh, C.R. Ellis). Preventive interventions (S.H. Spence). Major Child Psychopathologies. Anxiety disorders (M.R. Dadds et al.). Specific phobias (G.S. Ginsburg, W.K. Silverman). Obsessive-compulsive disorder (D. Bolton). Post-traumatic stress disorder (S.G. Perrin et al.). Depression (W.M. Reynolds). Suicide and suicide attempts during adolescence (A. Spirito, D. Donaldson). Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents (C.K. Conners, D. Erhardt). Conduct disorders (R.J. Prinz). Substance abuse disorders (H.B. Waldron). Elimination disorders (C.E. Walker). Eating disorders (D.M. Garner, L.E. Myerholtz). Sleep disorders (A. Sadeh, R. Gruber). Somatoform disorders in childhood and adolescence (J. Garber). Factitious disorders (J.A. Libow). Schizophrenia in children and adolescents (C.M. Yee, M.D. Sigman).

Quotes and reviews

"Thomas Ollendick has edited a scholarly and up-to-the-minute volume of clinical child psychology. The impressive collection of scientists and clinicians are drawn from Australia, Canada, Israel, the UK and the US. Together they have produced at 'state-of-the-art' (and 'science') resource. ...In short, this is an excellent first resource for up-to-date information on clinical practice and research, providing reliable chapters for clinical psychologists and other child professionals who are seeking an in-depth understanding in a significant range of areas within child and adolescent clinical psychology." --British Journal of Clinical Psychology
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