Compost Science and Technology

Compost Science and Technology, 1st Edition

Compost Science and Technology, 1st Edition,L.F. Diaz,M. de Bertoldi,W. Bidlingmaier,ISBN9780080439600

Diaz   &   de Bertoldi   &   Bidlingmaier   

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Key Features

* Up-to-date contributions by some of the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the field
* Clear and objective presentations, which are arranged in such a way that it is not necessary to read the entire book
* Information is supported by data, tables and references
* Covers most important aspects of the process including a brief historical review
* May be used by teachers as well as practicioners in the field


Composting is a widely used biological process for the management of some wastes produced in communities and agricultural activities, which have experienced substantial growth during the last few years. Because this and the knowledge of composting has increased, the number of composting facilities has increased tremendously, especially in some European countries. Interest has also increased in several countries in other regions of the world. This book attempts to summarize some of the most important work conducted during the last few years under one cover. The contributions to the publication are made by some of the most qualified professionals in the world and present the information in a clear and objective manner. The readers will find the information very useful and will be helpful in the design of new facilities and organic recycling programs. The manager or interested member of the community does not have to have a rigorous training in science or technology.


Solid waste managers; Public works directors; Researchers; Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in environmental engineering and waste management

L.F. Diaz

Affiliations and Expertise

CalRecovery Inc., Concord, California, USA

M. de Bertoldi

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Udine, Italy

W. Bidlingmaier

Affiliations and Expertise

Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany

Compost Science and Technology, 1st Edition

1. Introduction (L.F. Diaz). 2. History of composting (L.F. Diaz, M. de Bertoldi). 3. Microbiology of the composting process (H. Insam, M. de Bertoldi). 4. Factors that affect the process (L.F. Diaz, G.M. Savage). 5. Systems used in composting (L.F. Diaz, G.M. Savage, L.L. Eggerth). 6. Design of composting plants (U. de Bertoldi-Schnappinger). 7. Quality and agronomic use of compost (F. Tittarelli, G. Petruzelli, et al.). 8. Bioremediation (G.M. Savage, L.F. Diaz). 9. Pathogenic agents (R. Böhm). 10. Suppression of soil-borne phytopathogens by compost (J.D. van Elsas, J. Postma). 11. Odor emissions from composting plants (W. Bidlingmaier, J. Müsken). 12. Marketing of composts (L.L. Eggerth, L.F. Diaz, et al.).
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