Phosphorus-Carbon Heterocyclic Chemistry

Phosphorus-Carbon Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1st Edition

The Rise of a New Domain

Phosphorus-Carbon Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1st Edition, Mathey,ISBN9780080439525


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Phosphorus-Carbon Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1st Edition

Section Headings.
The Birth of a New Domain.
Three Membered Rings.
Phosphiranes and Phosphirenes. Diphosphiranes and Diphosphirenes.

Four Membered Rings.
Phosphetanes - Early Studies.
Four-Membered Rings with one Phosphorus Atom.
Diphosphetanes, Dihydrodiphosphetes, and Diphosphetes.

Five Membered Rings.
Phospholanes and Phospholenes.
Phospholes: Early literature 1953-1994. Phospholes: Recent literature 1994-1999. Heterophospholes.

Six Membered Rings.
Phosphinanes, Dihydro-and Tetrahydro-phosphinines. Phosphinines. Six-Membered Rings with Two or more Heteroatoms with at least One Phosphorus Atom.

Macro-, Poly- and Spiro-Heterocycles.
Macro- and Spiro-Heterocycles. Bicyclic and Polycyclic Systems with a Ring Junction Phosphorus Atom. Compounds with Phosphorus at the Spiro Position.

Applications of Phosphorus Heterocycles in Homogeneous Catalysis.

Author Index.
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