Continuum Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures

Continuum Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures, 1st Edition

Continuum Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures, 1st Edition,O. Allix,F. Hild,ISBN9780080439181

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Created in 1975, LMT-Cachan is a joint laboratory École Normale Superieure de Cachan, Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6) University and the French Research Council CNRS (Department of Engineering Sciences).

The Year 2000 marked the 25th anniversary of LMT. On this occasion, a series of lectures was organized in Cachan in September-October, 2000. This publication contains peer-reviewed proceedings of these lectures and is aimed to present engineers and scientists with an overview of the latest developments in the field of damage mechanics. The formulation of damage models and their identification procedures were discussed for a variety of materials.


For engineers and researchers interested in the theory and application of solid and structural mechanics.

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F. Hild

Affiliations and Expertise

LMT-Cachan, 61 avenue du President Wilson, 94235 Cachan Cedex, France

Continuum Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures, 1st Edition

Continuum damage mechanics of materials and structures: present and future (O. Allix et al.).
Essential damage mechanics - bridging the scales (D. Krajcinovic).
Microstructure evolution, state variable models, damage mechanics and bounding theorems (A.C.F. Cocks).
Discrete versus continuum damage mechanics: a probabilistic perspective (F. Hild).
Damage micromechanics modelling of discontinuous reinforced composites (D. Baptiste).
Continuum damage mechanics applied to quasi-brittle materials (A. Dragon).
An anisotropic damage theory and unilateral effects: applications to laminates and to three-and four-dimensional composites (P. Ladevèze).
Introduction to continuum damage mechanics (J. Lemaitre).
Continuum damage modelling for concrete structures in dynamic situations (J. Mazars et al.).
Interface damage mechanics: application to delamination (O. Allix).
Computational methods for delamination and fracture in composites (R. de Borst, J.H.A. Schipperen).
Size effect theory and its application to fracture of fiber composites and sandwich plates (Z.P. Bažant).
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