National Reforms in European Gas

National Reforms in European Gas, 1st Edition

National Reforms in European Gas, 1st Edition,M. Arentsen,R. Kunneke,ISBN9780080436876

Arentsen   &   Kunneke   

Elsevier Science




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Focussing on the change and development of national gas markets in Europe, this book provides an overview, analysis and comparison of recent dynamics in several national gas markets, at a time of very rapid change within this industry. This overview provides a better understanding of current events and future evolution in the European gas business.

What can be expected at the European level given the recent trends and dynamics in national gas markets in Europe? How did countries respond to the EU gas directive and why? What are the important barriers to a harmonised European gas market from the perspective of national developments? This book tackles these and related questions.

Written by experts across the field of energy policy and reform, this publication will be an invaluable resource for social scientists studying the ongoing reform process in energy markets as well as industry analysts, consultants, policy makers and utility companies worldwide.


Social scientists studying the ongoing reform process in energy markets; industry analysts, consultants, policy makers and utility companies worldwide.

M. Arentsen

Affiliations and Expertise

Universiteit Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

R. Kunneke

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of TPM, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

National Reforms in European Gas, 1st Edition

PART I: Fundamentals

  • Introduction (M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

  • The Technological Infrastructure of the Gas Chain (W.Van Der Wal)

  • Harmonization of European Gas Markets: The EU Gas Directive(L.Hancher)

  • National Models in the Emerging European Gas Market(M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

PART II: National Models

  • Organising National Interests in the Upstream Gas/Petroleum Industry: The Norwegian Model and its Transformation(A.Midttun et al)

  • Dilemmas of Duality: Gas Market Reform in the Netherlands(M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

  • The Russian Gas Sector: Survival of the Planned Economy or Evolution of Market Mechanisms? (H.Engerer)

  • Gas as a Public Property. The UK Gas Market 1965-1986: Maximising the Value of a Limited Natural Resource (S.Thomas)

  • Gas as a Commodity. The UK Gas Market: From Nationalism to Embrace of the Free Market?(S.Thomas)

  • The Transformation of the German Gas Supply Industry(L.Mez)

  • The French Gas Industry in Transition: Breach in the Public Service Model(D. Finan)

  • Gas Markets in Southern Europe (M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

  • Developments and Trends in East-Central Europe and Algeria(M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

PART III: Perspectives

  • National Prospects in the Dawn of the Internal Gas Market (M.J Arentsen and R.Kunneke)

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