Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - VI

Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - VI, 1st Edition

Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - VI, 1st Edition,P. Vink,E.A.P. Koningsveld,S. Dhondt,ISBN9780080434391

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This book contains a series of papers that were presented during the Sixth IEA International Symposium on Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management (ODAM '98). The Symposium was sponsored jointly by the International Ergonomics Society, the Dutch Ergonomics Society, NIA TNO and The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

These experiences include new ideas, research results, tools, and applications of human-organization interface technology to improving work systems.

New technology, changing work force demographics, changing attitudes and values about work and what constitutes real quality of work life, have heightened the need for a true systems approach to optimizing the interfaces between humans, technology and organizational structures and processes. Growing world competition, and the related need to make organizations more productive and efficient, have further intensified this need to improve work systems. This need is reflected in the rapid development of macroergonomics methods and applications since the first of these ODAM Symposia in 1984. What then was recognized by only a few researchers and practitioners has now become a widely accepted part of the human factors/ergonomics discipline. As demonstrated by the papers contained herein, application of macroergonomics is having a very real positive impact on sociotechnical systems internationally.

Included in this volume are a broad selection of papers on theory, methodology, tools, research findings, and case studies from leading professionals throughout the world. This volume thus provides the reader with some of the latest developments in human-organization interface technology. Collectively, these papers should provide the reader with a good conceptual understanding of the ergonomic approach to work system design, and of its tremendous potential for improving work systems and the human condition in all cultures.


For academics, researchers, practitioners and students in the fields of human factors/ergonomics, applied and organisational psychology, management consultants specialising in production practices and innovation.

P. Vink

Affiliations and Expertise

Manager Innovation of NIA TNO, De Boelaan 30, PO Box 75665, 1070 AR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Information about this author is currently not available.

S. Dhondt

Affiliations and Expertise

NIA TNO, Polaris Avenue 151, 2132 JJ Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management - VI, 1st Edition

Section headings, selected chapter headings and selected papers: Preface. Balancing organizational, technological and human factors - the vision of production management (P. Vink, M. Peeters). Organizational Design. Networks of Organizations. Towards global villages - networks in action (G. Bradley, W. Bradley). Total Quality Management. The effects of a TQM intervention in a public organization on employees' well-being and customer satisfaction. First results from a longitudinal study (C. Korunka, D. Scharitzer). Organizational Learning. How to improve working processes through collaboration in cross-departmental teams (P. Orban, S. Völker). Management Issues. After the dismissal of the secretaries (A.-C. Blomkvist). Healthy Work. Work conditions and company strategies (J. Eklund). Design for Manufacturing. Advanced analysis and design methodologies for reengineering tasks (G. Zülch et al.). Product/Production Design. Production System. Design of a new assembly line - between politics and participation (I. Posniak). Product Design. Work motivation and competence in five product development teams (M. Martinsuo). Information and Communication Technology. ICT and Organizational Learning. Ergonomics in information technology as a tool for organization design (T.M.J. Lenior). Workplace and Machine Design. Health. What is a 'healthy workplace'? (L.S. Robson et al.). Participation and Workplaces. The workplace: community of learning experiments (C. Clipson, K. West). Job and Task Design. Managerial Aspects. Satisfaction measurement (H. Matsunaga, H. Nakazawa). Health. RSIs: diagnosis, design and implementation (N.L. Menegon et al.). Training and Coaching. Organizational Learning. Computer support for the active training (E.P. Paladini). Ergonomics and Learning. Author index.
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