Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures

Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures, 1st Edition


Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures, 1st Edition,P. Mäkeläinen,P. Hassinen,ISBN9780080430140

Mäkeläinen   &   Hassinen   

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ICSAS '99 - The Fourth International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures was a sequel to ICSAS '87 held in Cardiff, UK, to ICSAS '91 held in Singapore and to ICSAS '95 held in Istanbul, Turkey. The objective of the conference was to provide a forum for the discussion of recent findings and developments in the design and construction of various types of steel and aluminium structures.

The conference was concerned with the analysis, modelling and design of light-weight or slender structures in which the primary material is structural steel, stainless or aluminium. The structural analysis papers presented at the conference cover both static and dynamic behaviour, instability behaviour and long-term behaviour under hygrothermal effects. The results of the latest research and development of some new structural products were also presented at the conference. A total of 76 papers and 30 posters were presented at the conference by participants from 36 countries in all 6 continents.


For scientists and engineers with an interest in the analysis, modelling and design of steel and aluminium structures.

Information about this author is currently not available.

P. Hassinen

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.

Light-Weight Steel and Aluminium Structures, 1st Edition

Chapter headings and selected papers: Structural Modelling and Analysis. Modelling, analysis and design of thin-walled steel structures (J.M. Davies). Structural Modelling and Analysis. Buckling behaviour of cold-formed steel wall frames lined with plasterboard (Y. Telue, M. Mahendran). Buckling Behaviour. Beam-Columns. Stability of cold-formed tubular beam-columns (R.M. Sully, G.J. Hancock). Sandwich Structures and Dynamic Behaviour. Modelling of continuous sandwich panels (P. Hassinen). Analysis of Shells and Frames. New Structural Products. Steel-board composite floors (G.H. Couchman et al.). New Structural Products. Design of Glulam arched roof structures with steel joints (K. Õiger). Developments in Design. Multimedia database using Java on internet for steel structures (Y. Itoh, H. Wazaki). Aluminium Structures. Aluminium and Stainless Steel Structures. The structural use of aluminium: design and application (F.M. Mazzolani). Structures at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures. EC9 Provisions for flat internal elements: comparison with experimental results. Connections. New design provisions for cold-formed steel bolted connections (R.A. LaBoube, W.W. Yu). Aluminium and Stainless Steel Structures. Column curves for stainless steel alloys (K.J.R. Rasmussen, J. Rondal). Design for Hygrothermal, Vibration and Fire Effects. Design for hygrothermal performance and durability of insulated sheet metal structures (G. Jóhannesson). Composite Structures. Elastoplastic large deformation analysis of concrete-filled tubular columns (M. Shugyo, J.P. Li). Special Features in Modelling and Design. Behaviour of a structural sheet steel at fire temperatures (J. Outinen, P. Mäkeläinen). Response to Dynamic and Alternating Loads.
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