Cyclodextrins, 1st Edition

Cyclodextrins, 1st Edition,J. Szejtli,T. Osa,ISBN9780080427157




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The total number of papers, conferences, abstracts and patents dedicated to cyclodextrins by the end of 1995 will be about 12,000 in number. This vast number of publications deals with the chemistry (structure, chemical reactivity), biology (enzymology, metabolism, toxicity, direct therapeutic effects), inclusion complex forming capacity and its consequences, and industrial utilization of cyclodextrins (in drugs, foods, cosmetics, chromatography, catalysis biotechnology, diagnostics etc) in unlimited numbers of products and technologies.
This volume pulls all this information together, covering the chemistry, biology and industrial application of cyclodextrins as molecular encapsulating agents in research methods, analytical procedures, industrial technologies and products.

J. Szejtli

Affiliations and Expertise


T. Osa

Affiliations and Expertise


Cyclodextrins, 1st Edition

Historical background (J. Szejtli). Chemistry, physical and biological properties and preparation (J. Szejtli). Industrial production of cyclodextrins (G. Schmid). Cyclodextrin derivatives (L. Jicsinszky, H. Hashimoto, E. Fenyvesi, A. Ueno). Inclusion of guest molecules, selectivity and molecular recognition by cyclodextrins (J. Szejtli). Measurement of cyclodextrin complex stability constants (K.A. Connors). Preparation of cyclodextrin complexes (L. Szente). Analytical methods for cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin derivatives, and cyclodextrin complexes (L. Szente). Crystallographic studies (K. Harata). Specific guest types (E. Fenyvesi, L. Szente, N.K. Russell, M. McNamara). Reactivity of included guests (T.Osa, I. Suzuki). Cyclodextrins as enzyme models (M. Komiyama, H. Shigekawa). Applications of cyclodextrins in biotechnology (R. Bar). Aspects of drug formulation with cyclodextrins (T. Nagai, H. Ueda). Pharmaceutical use of cyclodextrins in various drug formulations (K. Uekama, T. Irie). Cyclodextrins in foods, cosmetics, and toiletries (H. Hashimoto). Cyclodextrins in pesticides (L. Szente, J. Szejtli). Cyclodextrins in chromatography (D.J. Snopek, E. Smolková–Keulemansová, T. Cserháti, K.H. Gahm, A.M. Stalcup). Separation, removal, or enrichment of components on preparative scale (A. Harada, B. Zsadon). Cyclodextrins as reagents in analytical chemistry and diagnostics (W.L. Hinze, W. Day, R.P. Frankewich, K.N. Thimaiah, J. Szejtli). Use of cyclodextrins in chemical products and processes (J. Szejtli). Enzymology of cyclodextrins (G. Schmid).
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