Nickel, Palladium and Platinum

Nickel, Palladium and Platinum, 1st Edition

Nickel, Palladium and Platinum, 1st Edition,R.J. Puddephatt,ISBN9780080423166

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This volume covers the advances in the organometallic chemistry of nickel, palladium and platinum since publication of COMC in 1982. Major applications of the organometallic compounds of the nickel group are in catalytic and stoichiometric organic synthesis and in materials synthesis. This volume covers the fundamental organometallic chemistry which underpins these applications. The level of sophistication in many areas has increased substantially since COMC, for example in the development of chiral organometallics for use in synthesis, in the synthesis and characterization of larger cluster complexes, in testing the limits of binuclear organometallic chemistry and in the chemistry of metallacycles and organometallics derived from carbon dioxide. Since COMC there are also some quite new areas; for example, organopalladium (IV) chemistry with its possible relevance to several catalytic processes is reviewed in depth but was essentially unknown at the time COMC was published. The catalytic copolymerization of ethylene with carbon monoxide provides an example of an important new application in catalysis, while new developments in C–H bond activation are also described.

R.J. Puddephatt

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Nickel, Palladium and Platinum, 1st Edition

Nickel Complexes with Carbonyl, Isocyanide and Carbene Ligands (C.P. Kubiak). Nickel–Carbon &sgr;-bonded Complexes (A.K. Smith). Nickel–Carbon &pgr;-bonded Complexes (M.J. Chetcuti). Palladium Complexes with Carbonyl, Isocyanide and Carbene Ligands (K.R. Dixon, A.C. Dixon). Palladium–Carbon &sgr;-bonded Complexes (A.J. Canty). Palladium–Carbon &pgr;-bonded Complexes (J.A. Davies). Platinum Complexes with Carbonyl, Isocyanide and Carbene Ligands (R.J. Cross). Platinum–Carbon &sgr;-bonded Complexes (G.K. Anderson). Platinum–Carbon &pgr;-bonded Complexes (G.B. Young).
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