Nucleation in Condensed Matter

Nucleation in Condensed Matter, 1st Edition

Applications in Materials and Biology

Nucleation in Condensed Matter, 1st Edition,Ken Kelton,Alan Greer,ISBN9780080421476






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Provides a comprehensive coverage of nucleation in condensed matter

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Key Features

  • Unified treatment of key theories, experimental evaluations and case studies
  • Complete derivation of key models
  • Detailed discussion of experimental measurements
  • Examples of nucleation in diverse systems


In Nucleation in Condensed Matter, key theoretical models for nucleation are developed and experimental data are used to discuss their range of validity. A central aim of this book is to enable the reader, when faced with a phenomenon in which nucleation appears to play a role, to determine whether nucleation is indeed important and to develop a quantitative and predictive description of the nucleation behavior. The third section of the book examines nucleation processes in practical situations, ranging from solid state precipitation to nucleation in biological systems to nucleation in food and drink. Nucleation in Condensed Matter is a key reference for an advanced materials course in phase transformations. It is also an essential reference for researchers in the field.


Scientists in condensed matter physics, materials scientists and engineers, and anyone interested in phase transformations in whatever field.

Ken Kelton

Affiliations and Expertise

Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Alan Greer

Affiliations and Expertise

A. L Greer, University of Cambridge, UK

Nucleation in Condensed Matter, 1st Edition

1 Introduction; 2. The Classical Theory; 3. Time-Dependent Effects within the Classical Theory; 4. Beyond the Classical Theory; 5. Nucleation in Multi-Component Phases; 6. Heterogeneous Nucleation; 7. Crystallization in Liquids & Colloidal Suspensions; 8. Crystallization in Glasses; 9. Nucleation in Crystalline Solids; 10. Computer Models; 11. Crystallization in Polymeric & Related Systems; 12. Dislocation-Mediated Transformations; 13. Solidification; 14. Transformations in the Solid Phase; 15. Interfacial and Thin-Film Reactions; 16. Biology and Medicine; 17. Food and Drink; 18. Key Themes, Prospects

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