The Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education

The Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education, 1st Edition

Theory, Research, and Studies

The Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education, 1st Edition,R.M. Thomas,ISBN9780080334080

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This Encyclopedia is a collection of 100 articles which examine various theories and aspects of human development and their significance for education, child raising, and counselling practices throughout the world.


For counsellors, educational administrators, all students, teachers, and researchers in the field as well as scholars from outside the field.

R.M. Thomas

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

The Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education, 1st Edition

Section headings: Preface. Background Issues. General Theories of Human Development: (a) Secular Theories. (b) Theories Embedded in Religious Traditions. Stages and Rates of Development: (a) Definitions of Stage and Rate. (b) Seven Stages of Life. Intellectual Development: (a) Mental Development in General. (b) Learning Processes. (c) Varieties of Intellectual Development. Psycho-Physical Development: (a) Influences on Psycho-Phsycial Development. (b) Developing Vision and Hearing. (c) Special Issues in Physical Development. Social and Cultural Interactions with Development: (a) Socialization and Acculturation. (b) Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior. (c) Factors affecting Socialization. Contributors index. Name index. Subject index.
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