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Elsevier Book Series

50th Anniversary Volumes of Current Topics in Developmental Biology

These volumes commemorate the 50th or “golden” anniversary of the founding of Current Topics in Developmental Biology (CTDB) in the summer of 1966 by Aron Moscona (1921-2009) and Alberto Monroy (1913-1986) with Academic Press as publisher. In 1966 Moscona and Monroy anticipated the changing tide of developmental biology, from a classical to a more molecular science, and intended that CTDB be a venue for the change. From the beginning CTDB was to serve as “a meeting ground for critical review and discussion of developmental processes”. More than 115 volumes later, still published by Academic Press (Elsevier), CTDB continues to strive to serve this purpose for developmental biologists.

The idea of publishing these essays came about in late 2013 when I realized that 2016 would be the 50th anniversary of the CTDB series. The object was to assemble essays contributed by a large number of outstanding developmental biologists around the world working on different aspects of development with a variety of model organisms. In the end, nearly 80 developmental biologists contributed to the 2 volumes; CTDB volumes 116 and 117. Just a glance at the Table of Contents reveals the wide breadth of research topics and variety of model organisms discussed. Many essays relate the history of a particular area of research and/or personal experiences in research, whereas others are quite philosophical about a specific area of research and/or research in general. The authors were encouraged to speculate and in many instances have done so. The essays are not necessarily intended to be comprehensive reviews, however, they provide a window onto the very rich landscape of contemporary research in developmental biology. It is hoped that the volumes accurately reflect the current state of developmental biology and that they will be useful to students and investigators for years to come.

Paul M. Wassarman
Series Editor

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

For more information about these two “golden” anniversary volumes please visit the links below:

Volume 116

Volume 117

Chapters are also available individually on ScienceDirect

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