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Elsevier Book Series

50th Anniversary volume of Advances in the Study of Behavior

The unique structure of Advances in the Study of Behavior as a series of publishing reviews has enabled it to act as an important platform for an exceptionally wide-ranging coverage of key topics in animal behavior over the last 50 years. The arrival of our 50th anniversary thus seemed a good opportunity to look back at how our field has developed over this time, as well as offering us a chance to look forward and consider what the next 50 years might hold. The chapters in our anniversary volume thus reflect our efforts to do just that: to recognize our debt to the past and to highlight the promise of the future.

Several of the chapters in this volume have been commissioned specifically for this anniversary issue and include: Reflections over 50; Animal Welfare and the Paradox of Animal Consciousness; Social Network Analysis in Behavioral Ecology; Sentinel Behavior; FEAR, Spontaneity, and Artifact in Economic Escape Theory; Learning and Cultural Transmission in Chaffinch Song; and Avian Navigation.

Advances in the Study of Behavior has long been recognized as a source of high-quality review articles, and has thus maintained an important integrative function in the field. The linking of many disciplines, including psychology, ecology, evolution, and physiology, via the common theme of animal behavior, as well as its long-standing commitment to presenting the full diversity of animal life, has ensured it fully deserves its title, and we will, we hope, continue to signal advances in this fascinating field of scientific research for another 50 years.

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