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Elsevier Book Series

2013 Impact Factors announced

By Mary Ann Zimmerman Senior Acquisitions Editor

Our Journals colleagues aren’t the only ones celebrating another great year of improving Impact Factors; Elsevier’s prestigious book series have also performed very well this year.

Along with other altmetrics, Impact Factors measure a journal’s relative importance and impact in its field by using the ratio of citations to articles published. Elsevier’s book series publish expanded review articles, acting as a great complementary resource to our journals portfolio. These publications seek to cover the top advancements in a given field in a flexible format, allowing for more in-depth coverage. The book series help researchers stay current on developments in the field.

Some highlights from the latest Impact Factor release include:

  • 15 categories with serials ranked within the top 10 highest impact publications
  • 31 serials improved or held their rank versus last year
  • Advances in Marine Biology jumped 28 spots into 3rd place in the competitive Marine & Freshwater Biology category, with an Impact Factor of 5.000
  • Methods in Enzymology was cited an impressive 24,928 times in 2013

Recently Published Series Volumes

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 1st Edition

Editors: Mark Zanna & James Olson Release Date:18 Jun 2014
Print Book:
USD 119.00

Dopamine, 1st Edition

Editors: Marco  Diana & Gaetano Di Chiara & PierFranco Spano Release Date:24 Jun 2014
Print Book:
USD 288.00

Sea plants, 1st Edition

Editor: Nathalie Bourgougnon Release Date:18 Jun 2014
Print Book:
USD 214.00