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March 8 is International Women’s Day. Women are still underrepresented in the management levels of research institutes and universities. To help get More Women in STEM Careers we’re offering an up to 50% off discount on professional development books/eBooks.

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Professional Development Books to SKYROCKET Your Career!

Academia to Biotechnology, 1st Edition

Author:  Jeffrey Gimble Release Date:15 Sep 2004
Print Book:
USD 60.95

Alternative Careers in Science, 2nd Edition

Editor: Cynthia Robbins-Roth Release Date:26 Aug 2005
Print Book:
USD 47.95

Be in Charge: A Leadership Manual, 1st Edition

Author:  Alexander Margulis Release Date:06 Aug 2002
Print Book:
USD 54.95

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, 1st Edition

Editor: Craig Shimasaki Release Date:28 Apr 2014
Print Book:
USD 99.95

Blogs and Tweets, Texting and Friending , 1st Edition

Author:  Sandra DeJong Release Date:07 Aug 2013
Print Book:
USD 49.95

Dazzle 'Em With Style, 2nd Edition

Author:  Robert RH Anholt Release Date:06 Sep 2005
Print Book:
USD 49.95

Designing Science Presentations, 1st Edition

Author:  Matt Carter Release Date:13 Feb 2013
Print Book:
USD 49.95

Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Science, 1st Edition

Author:  Ofelia Olivero Release Date:21 Oct 2013
Print Book:
USD 34.95

Research Proposals, 3rd Edition

Editors: Thomas Ogden & Israel Goldberg Release Date:10 Jun 2002
Print Book:
USD 67.95

Secrets to Success in Industry Careers, 1st Edition

Author:  L. Borbye Release Date:12 Nov 2007
Print Book:
USD 50.95

Success in Innovation, 1st Edition

Author:  Jan Verloop Release Date:02 Apr 2013
Print Book:
USD 49.95

The Manual of Scientific Style, 1st Edition

Editors: Harold Rabinowitz & Suzanne Vogel Release Date:25 Mar 2009
Print Book:
USD 63.95

The Road to Success, 1st Edition

Author:  Alexander Margulis Release Date:27 Sep 2006
Print Book:
USD 45.95

Writing Clinical Research Protocols, 1st Edition

Authors: Evan DeRenzo & Joel Moss Release Date:04 Aug 2005
Print Book:
USD 76.95

Read real-life stories from Successful Women in STEM Careers!

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