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Elsevier has partnered with prestigious societies such as the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and American Association of Immunologists (AAI) to provide professional development books and resources designed to enhance the careers of science and technology professionals. The books cover topics such as:

   Clinical research protocols

   Research proposals

   Writing papers and presentations as well as
     oral scientific presentations

   Communication Skills

   Women in science

   Strategies for STEM career leadership &

Academia to Biotechnology, 1st Edition

Author:  Jeffrey Gimble Release Date:15 Sep 2004
Print Book:
USD 60.95

Alternative Careers in Science, 2nd Edition

Editor: Cynthia Robbins-Roth Release Date:26 Aug 2005
Print Book:
USD 47.95

Be in Charge: A Leadership Manual, 1st Edition

Author:  Alexander Margulis Release Date:06 Aug 2002
Print Book:
USD 54.95

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, 1st Edition

Editor: Craig Shimasaki Release Date:28 Apr 2014
Print Book:
USD 99.95

Dazzle 'Em With Style, 2nd Edition

Author:  Robert RH Anholt Release Date:06 Sep 2005
Print Book:
USD 49.95

Designing Science Presentations, 1st Edition

Author:  Matt Carter Release Date:13 Feb 2013
Print Book:
USD 49.95

From Academia to Entrepreneur, 1st Edition

Author:  Eugene Khor Release Date:23 Oct 2013
Print Book:
USD 49.95

Graduate Research, 4th Edition

Authors: Robert Smith & Llewellyn Densmore & Edward Lener Release Date:12 Feb 2016
Print Book:
USD 42.46
USD 49.95

Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Science, 1st Edition

Author:  Ofelia Olivero Release Date:21 Oct 2013
Print Book:
USD 34.95

Presenting an Effective and Dynamic Technical Paper, 1st Edition

Author:  William Krantz Release Date:18 Nov 2016
Print Book:
USD 33.96
USD 39.95

Oral Exams, 1st Edition

Author:  A. Lee Foote Release Date:24 Sep 2015
Print Book:
USD 42.46
USD 49.95

Research Proposals, 3rd Edition

Editors: Thomas Ogden & Israel Goldberg Release Date:10 Jun 2002
Print Book:
USD 67.95

Secrets to Success in Industry Careers, 1st Edition

Author:  L. Borbye Release Date:12 Nov 2007
Print Book:
USD 50.95

The Manual of Scientific Style, 1st Edition

Editors: Harold Rabinowitz & Suzanne Vogel Release Date:25 Mar 2009
Print Book:
USD 63.95

The Road to Success, 1st Edition

Author:  Alexander Margulis Release Date:27 Sep 2006
Print Book:
USD 45.95

Writing Clinical Research Protocols, 1st Edition

Authors: Evan DeRenzo & Joel Moss Release Date:04 Aug 2005
Print Book:
USD 76.95

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