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A highly evolved and complex criminal justice system makes enormous demands of the people who work in it. Professionals in law and criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections, criminology, homeland security, crisis and emergency management, physical and computer security, and forensics all need up-to-date information in these constantly changing fields. Elsevier delivers this vital information to students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners through our industry-leading imprints: Butterworth-Heinemann, Academic Press and Syngress.

Spotlight on Jane Lewis

Jane Lewis, Forensic Document Examination, 1st Edition,9780124166936
Author of Forensic Document Examination, 1st Edition

1985 was a good year. Jane Lewis finished an internship in the Questioned Document section of the Secret Service Lab in Washington, DC. She graduated with a Master of Forensic Sciences degree from George Washington University and got a job as a document analyst with the FBI in the Hoover Building in Washington DC. She soon moved up the mall to the Secret Service Lab. But the lure of beer and bratwurst was too strong and Jane found herself back home at the Wisconsin State Crime Lab in Milwaukee. Twenty-three years later Jane retired from the Milwaukee Lab and... [More...]

Forensic Document Examination, 1st Edition

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Author: Jane Lewis
Release Date: 06 Apr 2014

Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory Manual

A laboratory manual of practical, tactile, and crime scene relevant exercise authored by experienced educator and former crime scene investigator/forensic scientist.

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Author: Marilyn Miller
Release Date: 28 Jan 2014

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, 3rd Edition

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Authors: Lawrence Fennelly ...see All
Release Date: 15 Jul 2013

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