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Spotlight on Ronald W. McLeod

Ronald W. McLeod,Designing for Human Reliability, 1st Edition
Author of Designing for Human Reliability, 1st Edition

Ronald W. McLeod, Ph.D., is a human factor specialist who combines strong academic credentials with more than 30 years industrial experience in Human Factors and Applied Psychology. He founded Nickleby HFE Ltd, in 1990 and was both Managing Director and Technical Director until 2007. In 2007, he joined Shell as Global Discipline Lead for Human Factors and continued to work there until February 2014. He left Shell in February 2014 to pursue interests in writing and now works part-time as an independent consultant.
Read Ron’s article in the Elsevier blog, “People Make Errors – What Did You Expect?” here.

Designing for Human Reliability, 1st Edition

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USD 131.00
Author: Ronald McLeod
Release Date: 20 Mar 2015

Handbook of Nucleating Agents

This practical guide provides engineers and material scientists the information they need to increase production rates, modify structure and morphology, and reduce haze of polymeric products with proper selection of nucleating and clarifying agents

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USD 242.25
USD 285.00
Author: George Wypych
Release Date: 26 Feb 2016

Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation, 1st Edition

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USD 130.00
Author: Joseph DiStefano III
Release Date: 10 Jan 2015

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    Science and Principles of Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Medical Polymers, 1...

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    Editor: Xiang Zhang
    Release Date: 19 Oct 2016

    Flow and Heat Transfer in Geothermal Systems, 1st Edition

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    Authors: Aniko Toth ...see All
    Release Date: 17 Oct 2016

    Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering, 2nd Edition

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    USD 148.75
    USD 175.00
    Author: Wilson C. Chin, PhD
    Release Date: 14 Oct 2016

    Friction Stir Welding of 2XXX Aluminum Alloys including Al-Li Alloys, 1st Edi...

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    USD 59.46
    USD 69.95
    Authors: Rajiv Mishra ...see All
    Release Date: 14 Oct 2016

    Advanced Reservoir and Production Engineering for Coal Bed Methane, 1st Editi...

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    USD 127.50
    USD 150.00
    Author: Pramod Thakur
    Release Date: 14 Oct 2016

    Energy Autonomy of Batteryless and Wireless Embedded Systems, 1st Edition

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    USD 85.00
    USD 100.00
    Authors: Jean-Marie Dilhac ...see All
    Release Date: 14 Oct 2016