The world's largest scientific publisher, Elsevier provides authoritative content and innovative workflow tools for chemical professionals.

From leading scientific content to cutting-edge workflow tools and reaction databases, Elsevier solutions support research in:


  • Evaluating feedstocks – Evaluate reactants and feedstocks, find ways to procure and safely handle them
  • Optimizing processes—Identify and explore the latest innovative process technologies
  • Developing products—Find ways to research and develop new products or enhance the functionality of existing products
  • Exploring applications—Explore, assess, and evaluate potential applications and emerging technology spaces
  • Driving open innovation—Unearth the technical intelligence needed to benchmark technology against competitors, find scientific experts, and identify potential partners and licensors


ScienceDirect is one of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world.

Looking for trusted content? SciVerse ScienceDirect scientific database contains more than 10 million journal articles and book chapters.

Instant access to scientific, industrial, and commercial information.

Elsevier BioSource will assist companies in making key decisions surrounding the BioSource and the Bio-energy markets, making developments in the industry quicker and more efficient.

A unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery.

Elsevier | Reaxys

Reaxys enhances the exploration of chemical reaction and substance information, giving chemists more time for creativity and innovation and enabling them to meet their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Research tool enabling confident product and partnering decisions to explore new technologies, product applications and markets.

EXPLORE Trends and Opportunities; EVALUATE Technologies and Methods; COMPARE Organizations, People and Approaches; REPORT Findings and Insights

A chemical safety database based on Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards.

Designed to help chemists and safety personnel quickly access critical, detailed chemical hazards information.

Web-based information service that offers a wide range of quality resources.

For information specialists, professionals, and researchers working in the applied science and engineering fields.