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Bob Dobkin,Analog Circuit Design Volume Three,1st Edition,9780128000014
Author of Analog Circuit Design Volume Three, 1st Edition

Bob Dobkin is a founder and Chief Technical Officer of Linear Technology Corporation. Prior to 1999, he was responsible for all new product development at Linear. Before founding Linear Technology in 1981, Dobkin was Director of Advanced Circuit Development at National Semiconductor for eleven years. He has been intimately involved in the development of high performance linear integrated circuits for over 30 years and has generated many industry standard circuits. Dobkin holds over 100 patents pertaining to linear ICs and has authored over 50 articles and papers. [More...]

Analog Circuit Design Volume Three, 1st Edition

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USD 89.95
Authors: Bob Dobkin ...see All
Release Date: 05 Dec 2014

Financial Whirlpools

Systems theory serves as a forensic tool for investigating the 2008 global financial crisis, offering a holistic, unique alternative to traditional linear economic thinking.

[ More... ]
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USD 39.95
Author: Karen Higgins
Release Date: 25 Apr 2013

Digital Information Strategies, 1st Edition

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USD 67.11
USD 78.95
Authors: David  Baker ...see All
Release Date: 11 Dec 2015

Recently Published Books

Glioblastoma, 1st Edition

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USD 129.99
Authors: Steven Brem ...see All
Release Date: 29 Sep 2016

Non-Interpretive Skills for Radiology: Case Review, 1st Edition

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USD 69.99
Author: David Yousem
Release Date: 28 Sep 2016

Cottrell and Patel's Neuroanesthesia, 6th Edition

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USD 244.99
Authors: James Cottrell ...see All
Release Date: 28 Sep 2016

Climatic Hazards in Coastal Bangladesh , 1st Edition

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USD 110.50
USD 130.00
Authors: Bimal Paul ...see All
Release Date: 28 Sep 2016

Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, 10th Edition

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USD 112.00
Authors: Marilyn Hockenberry ...see All
Release Date: 26 Sep 2016

Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry, 1st Edition

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USD 219.30
USD 258.00
Editor: David A. Dixon
Release Date: 26 Sep 2016