Quick, cost-effective access to world-leading research

Quick, cost-effective access to world-leading research


With ScienceDirect ArticleChoice, pay for a bundle of articles in advance and then you and your colleagues (up to five users) get immediate online access to the best scientific, technical, and medical research articles available.

ArticleChoice offers:

  • Discounted pricing on articles
  • Instant access to high-quality primary research information
  • Trusted content from 1,900 journals and 10,000+ books
  • Convenient, pre-paid bundles valid for a full year
  • A quick and easy alternative to document delivery services

Start enjoying the benefits of a convenient pre-paid ArticleChoice account at a price that’s right for you. Choose a bundle now!

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Bundle Options

Multi-user (5 Licenses)
  • Price
  • Save up to *
  • 5 Articles
  • USD  155.00
  • USD 55.00
  • 10 Articles
  • USD  310.00
  • USD 110.00
  • 20 Articles
  • USD  600.00
  • USD 239.00
  • 50 Articles
  • USD  1,475.00
  • USD 623.00
  • 100 Articles
  • USD  2,900.00
  • USD 1,295.00
  • 200 Articles
  • USD  5,200.00
  • USD 3,190.00
  • 500 Articles
  • USD  11,500.00
  • USD 9,475.00
* Savings vs. a single article purchased at USD 41.95
Terms & Conditions

ArticleChoice Is Easy and Convenient

Step 1 – Choose a bundle size and add to your cart

Step 2 – Get your User ID and password via email

Step 3 – Select the articles you want from the results list and immediately download

You can always check on your articles balance by contacting the customer service to review your bundle status.

What does one a "1-5 user license" mean?

Your purchase entitles you to up to five user names/passwords to access your ArticleChoice bundle. You need not use all of them, but you may begin to use all five as soon as your account is activated. They will be sent to you via email following your completed purchase.

I only want to use ArticleChoice for my personal use – can I purchase access for just a single user?

The ArticleChoice 1-5 user license can be used for as many or as few users within that range as you'd like. There are no extra considerations for using your ArticleChoice purchases with only one user profile.

I would like to have access for (10 or) more users – can I get this on one license?

Currently, licenses are capped at 5 users. You can purchase additional licenses for an additional five users per license.

Can I share my user name/password with my colleagues?

Each user name and password should only be used by one person.

I forgot my user name/password – what do I do?

You can retrieve your login information by navigating to www.sciencedirect.com, clicking on the Login link, then choosing "Forgot your username or password?" From there, enter your e-mail address, and you will receive a username/password reminder e-mail.

Can I use the same user name/password as I use for my Elsevier shopping account?

When you register your username and password for ArticleChoice access to ScienceDirect, the system will create a username for you based on your first and last name. You will also be prompted to set up a password for your access.

Are book chapters included in my ArticleChoice account?

Yes, you may download any eligible book chapters, including content from book series, handbooks, and reference works, as well as journal articles through your ArticleChoice account. A book chapter is equivalent to a journal article in terms of managing your article balance.

How do I know how many articles I have used?

Please Contact Us to ascertain your ArticleChoice bundle status.

I want purchase a larger number of articles for my institution than is currently available with ArticleChoice. What do I do?

We have a number of cost-effective programs to give you access to a selection of journal and book content that is right for the way you work and your budget. To have a representative contact you about the best solutions for your needs,use the "Get in touch" information at right.

For how long a time period can I access articles I choose through ArticleChoice?

After downloading, you can have access to the article for 24 hours. Within that period, you're permitted to print or store the document electronically for future reference. For further information, see Copyrights and Limitations on Use under our Terms and Conditions at Terms & Conditions .

What functionality of ScienceDirect is available to ArticleChoice subscribers?

All the functionality of ScienceDirect, as needed, is available to you with your ArticleChoice purchase, including the search within results tool; customization settings for display and e-mail preferences; linking to additional content from external; alerts and more.

How do I renew my ArticleChoice subscription?

When you log in to your Elsevier.com account, you will be able to click the "Renew" button to begin your renewal transaction.

I am using My ArticleChoice account faster than I expected – can I add more articles to my bundle?

Yes, when you log in, you will be able to add additional articles to your account by selecting the article bundle that corresponds with the number of articles you would like to add.

I already have access to ScienceDirect via my institution, but not to all the journals I need. Can I still purchase ArticleChoice?

Yes, you may purchase an ArticleChoice bundle if your institution already has access to ScienceDirect. When logging into ScienceDirect, you may be prompted to choose whether you're logging in to your institutional subscribed access, or to your ArticleChoice access. Please make sure you are logged in correctly before attempting to make any purchases.

What happens if I access an article from a title in my ArticleChoice account that I already have access to via ScienceDirect (or e-select)?

Please Contact Us, and a representative can adjust your account balance as necessary.

Are all Elsevier publications included in ArticleChoice? Which are excluded and why?

Some titles are excluded from being purchased using ArticleChoice. A list of these titles is available on the ScienceDirect information site, at Journals without Transactional Access. In addition, Clinics titles are only available for purchase at www.theclinics.com. ArticleChoice funds cannot be used for purchases on www.theclinics.com.

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