Zoran Ivanovic

Zoran Ivanovic

Zoran Ivanovic is Scientific Director of French Blood Institute for the regions of Aquitaine and Limousin (Bordeaux, France) and Head of R&D Cell Engineering Research Laboratory. He is also the Group Leader (“Adult stem cells”) in UMR 5164 CNRS/University of Bordeaux. He received his MD, MSc (system and comparative physiology) and DSc (experimental hematology) degrees at Belgrade University, and the highest French Degree “HDR” (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches) at Bordeaux 2 University. He specialized in Transfusion (Bordeaux 2 University) and in Cell Therapy (Paris 7 University). Research Professor at Institute for Medical Research of Belgrade University, former Associate Professor of Hematology at Limoges and Bordeaux Universities (1999-2002), he has been, since 2011, guest professor at the Medical Faculty of Niš University. Dr Ivanovic obtained several grants in the field of cord blood and adult stem cell research. His group studies the anaerobic proliferation of stem cells and develops clinical-scale ex-vivo expansion procedures, pre-conditioning of stem cells for transplantation as well as new approaches of stem and progenitor cell conservation in hypothermia. He published 123 articles and book chapters, realized 150 meeting communications and supervised several PhD and master theses. He serves as Academic Editor of PLoS One as well as reviewer for many scientific journals.

Affiliations and Expertise

Scientific Director, French Blood Institute for the Regions of Aquitaine and Limousin (EFS-AL), Bordeaux, France; Head of Cell Engineering R&D Laboratory of EFS-AL; Group Leader (“Adult stem cells”) in UMR 5164 CNRS/University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France


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