Y.A. Izrael

Y.A. Izrael

Academician Professor Yuri A. Izrael is one of Russia's and indeed the world's top names in the environmental and nuclear sciences. As the most senior scientist involved in the monitoring, behavioural and assessment studies at and around the previously secret nuclear weapon tests of the former Soviet Union and at the Chernobyl and other nuclear accidents, Professor Izrael has a wealth of unique knowledge and experience of the science of these sites of special scientific interest. Indeed, he has himself pioneered much of that science.

The scientific career of Yuri A. lzrael, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Professor and Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as a number of other academies, has been devoted to nuclear and environmental sciences, meteorology and climatology. Born in 1930, he worked at first in the Geophysical Institute and then in the Institute of Applied Geophysics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, where he progressed from junior scientist to Institute Director (1969). He defended his PhD. (1963) and D.Se. (1969) theses (in the fields of physical and mathematical sciences).

Since the beginning of his scientific career, Professor Izrael specialized particularly on the meteorological aspects of both radioactive contamination and chemical pollution of the natural environment. He became one of the first scientists to personally obtain and analyze extensive experimental data on the dispersal and behaviour of radioactive products after nuclear weapon tests (1954-1974), after accidents at nuclear power installations (1957-1967), after the Chernobyl nuclear accident (1986-1996), and on transport of chemical products during operations of different enterprises (1970-1996). This experience permitted Professor Izrael to encourage and play his own part in the development, and then improvement, of transport models for both conservative and chemically active admixtures in the atmosphere and thus to develop methods of predicting the po

Affiliations and Expertise

Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Oceanology, Atmosphere Physics and Geography, Leninsky Pr. 32A, 117993 Moscow, Russia