William S. Yackinous

William S. Yackinous

Bill Yackinous has had a distinguished 34-year career as a systems engineer at Bell Laboratories. Throughout his career he worked to solve systems problems for Bell Labs and for its clients - both domestically and internationally. Bill has earned the highest technical honors at Bell Labs. He was named a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 1986, a Bell Labs Fellow in 1992, and a Consulting Member of Technical Staff in 2000. Bell Labs Fellow is the most prestigious technical honor at Bell Labs - and among the most prestigious across research and development institutions throughout the world. At Bell Labs, Bill acquired a very significant breadth and depth of systems and engineering knowledge. He made important and innovative contributions to systems thinking and engineering system development. Bill’s global perspective has taken him around the world - supporting the local Bell Labs teams and their clients. He has served as a systems engineering consultant for both executive-level and working-level groups in Japan, England, Malaysia, France, and Canada. After earning a PhD in Ecology at the University of Georgia’s Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology, Bill is now pursuing his goal of beneficially applying the skills, perspectives, methods, and techniques of the systems approach and systems engineering to increase understanding of complex ecological systems.

Affiliations and Expertise

Retired Systems Engineer, Bell Labs, US