William K. Blake

William K. Blake

William K. Blake spent many years at the David W Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center at Bethesda, Maryland. His numerous contributions to US sea power and naval systems include research in ship hydro-acoustics physics, development and application of advanced technology in submarine hull and propulsor ship components, and developing computational procedures. Among other awards, he was awarded the Doctor of Engineering, honoris causa at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, in 1996, and the American Society of Naval Engineers Gold Medal in 2002 in recognition of these achievements. He formulates and conducts basic and applied research in the related areas of aero- hydroacoustics physics and flow induced vibration at university and navy laboratory sites and is currently a consultant to the Naval Surface Warfare center at Bethesda, Maryland, and an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore , Maryland and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Affiliations and Expertise

Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA