Weiguo Cheng

Weiguo Cheng

Weiguo Cheng earned his Ph.D. degree from Dalian University of Technology in 2005. His maijor is Industrial Catalysis. He worked as visiting scholar at University of Waterloo (Canada). He was appointed associate professor by Institute of Process Engineering, CAS in 2008. Weiguo Cheng focus on revealing the essential relationship between catalytic performance and the catalyst structure, by using surface analytical techniques, particularly in-situ vibrational and optical spectroscopies. He specializes in design of novel catalytic materials and catalytic process. His current research interests includes synthesis of ionic liquid catalysts, mechanisms and kinetics of catalytic reaction, CO2 utilization and new catalytic process for synthesis of ethylene glycol based on ionic liquids. Up till now, he has presided one National High-tech R&D Program and one National Natural Science Fund as the chief scientist and has participated many projects, including the National Basic Research Program. He has published peer-reviewed 35 papers, including Journal of Catalysis (2008, 255:343), and submitted 21 invention patent applications with 12 granted

Affiliations and Expertise

Dr. Weiguo Cheng, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China