W. T. Mason

W. T. Mason

Dr. Bill Mason founded Life Science Resources in 1992 and until recently was Head of the Laboratory of Neural and Secretory Signalling at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. He is recognised internationally as a leader in innovative R&D in real time, low light level imaging. Dr. Mason was awarded his PhD from the Physiological Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. He is also a Member of Trinity College, Cambridge. In addition to his academic and commercial interests, Dr. Mason acts as an expert scientific adviser for strategic and funding advisory bodies in the biomedical sciences including Medical Research Council (UK), NSF (USA), the Welcome Trust, the Nuffield Foundation and the Commission of European Communities. He has played a major role in UKÊscience and technology strategy as a Member of the Working Group on Higher Education and Highly Qualified Manpower for the Advisory Council on Science and Technology (ACOST) at the UK Cabinet Office in H.M. Government, where he co-authored consultative documents relating to government policy on education and training in science and technology.

Affiliations and Expertise

Cambridge, U.K.