Vaibhav Gandhi

Vaibhav Gandhi

Vaibhav Gandhi (author) received a First Class (Dist.) degree in Instrumentation & Control engineering in 2000, a First Class (Dist.) Masters degree in Electrical engineering in 2002 and a Ph.D. degree in Computing & Engineering in 2012. He was a recipient of the UK-India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI) scholarship for his Ph.D. research in the area of Brain-Computer Interface for assistive robotics carried out at the Intelligent Systems Research Center, University of Ulster, UK and partly at IIT Kanpur, India. His Ph.D. focused on quantum mechanics motivated EEG signal processing, and an intelligent adaptive use-centric human-computer interface design for real-time control of a mobile robot for BCI users. His post-doctoral research involved work on shadow-hand multi-fingered mobile robot control using EMG/muscle signals, with contributions in the 3D printing aspects of a robotic hand. He joined the department of Design Engineering & Mathematics, School of Science & Technology, Middlesex University London in 2013, where he is currently Lecturer in Robotics, Embedded Systems and Real-time Systems. His research interests include brain-computer interfaces, biomedical signal processing, computational intelligence and neuroscience, use-centric graphical user interfaces, and assistive robotics.

Affiliations and Expertise

Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom