Ulf Olsson

Ulf Olsson

Ulf Olsson is Senior Expert at Ericsson’s Business Unit Multimedia, with a main interest in application architecture. He entered the world of programming forty years ago, working with large scale software system architectures for the past thirty. Initially, these efforts were in the field of distributed high performance systems for shipborne command and control, but as it turned out the principles and experiences from that field were surprisingly applicable also to the design of mobile packet data systems. He has been with Ericsson since 1996, being involved with systems like GPRS, PDC, UMTS, cdma2000 and - of course - IMS. His professional focus has recently shifted to the next level of abstraction: how to support and automate the business processes of a communications service provider. He holds a M.Sc. in engineering physics from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, having also spent a scholarship year at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. He is the co-holder of a number of patents in the mobile communications area, and is a frequent contributor to Ericsson Review.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior expert (Multimedia communication) at Ericsson Sweden