Toshiharu  Taura

Toshiharu  Taura

Toshiharu Taura is the dean and a professor at the Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Departments at Kobe University. He started studying what is known as engineering design based on his experience as a mechanical engineer, but with a particular interest in including the viewpoints of industrial design, art, technology, and cognitive science. He is a key figure in the Design Creativity academic field and has led interdisciplinary discussions on this topic. In particular, he founded the Design Creativity Special Interest Group, as part of the Design Society, in 2007. He established the conference on Design Creativity and organized the First International Conference on Design Creativity in 2010 in Kobe, Japan. The series successfully continued to the Second Conference in 2012 in Glasgow, U.K., and the Third Conference in 2015 in Bangalore, India. He also launched the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation in 2013, and serves as its editor in chief. Taura was a member of Advisory Board of the Design Society from 2007 to 2013, and is a fellow of the Design Research Society.

Affiliations and Expertise

Organization of Advanced Science and Technology and Mechanical Engineering Departments, Kobe University, Japan