Toni Dowd

Toni Dowd

Toni Dowd has received national/international academic awards such as a Kellogg Nursing Scholarship (1983- 1985) and a Public Health Training and Development Award from the National Health and Medical Research Council (1988 - 1992). She was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA) in 1985 and served on the executive the Council of Remote Area Nurses, Australia (CRANA Inc.) from 1985 to the present. She was invited by the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council (AHMAC) Working Party to convene the Remote Area Nurse Working Group, to review the Roles and Interrelationships of Nurses, Indigenous Health Workers and Doctors in remote Australia. She has been a reviewer for several Federal and State bodies (eg Australian Local Government Association, Australian Community Health Accredited Standards Program (CHASP), NSW Aboriginal Housing Association, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Forum). Toni Dowd has led the Binang Goonj Team and has been responsible for cross-cultural education and facilitator training (1994 to the present). She is currently a Senior Research Fellow, a joint appointment between Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Health, Community Child Health Services.

Affiliations and Expertise