Tomasz Kapitaniak

Tomasz Kapitaniak

Tomasz Kapitaniak is Professor of Mechanics and Head of the Dynamic Department at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland. In addition to his many published books and papers on chaos, Dr. Kapitaniak has lectured at several universities in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.Kapitaniak was awarded the British Council Award Fellowship in 1989, and the King Abdul Aziz City of Science and Engineering Award Fellowship in 1990. He has been theauthor of numerous publications in the field of chaos dynamics, including three books. Kapitaniak earned his DSc in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, his MSc in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Math, and his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Lodz. He has held positions as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, as well as Professor and head of the Division of Technology at the University of Lodz. He has also held a position as Visiting Research Professor at the University of Leeds.

Affiliations and Expertise

Technical University of Lodz


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