Tom Wolsky

Tom Wolsky

Tom Wolsky is an honors graduate of the London School of Film Technique with nearly 40 years of professional experience spanning film, tape, and digital production. Tom operates an independent studio, South Coast Productions. He also teaches for Apple Computer and for the Digital Media Academy and serves as a forum leader on

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is the Senior Instructor for the Digital Media Academy. Tom is the author of several Final Cut and video production instructional books as well as DVDs for FCP, Final Cut Studio, and Mac OS X. He is an active presence on a number of online forums, 2-pop, Creative Cow, and the Apple support forums. Before teaching he worked in the film and television industry for more than 40 years. He worked in London as a writer, producer, and technician before joining ABC News, where he was an operations manager and producer for many years. He later moved to ABC News in New York for Good Morning America and World News Now.

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Tom Wolsky

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