Tiziano Serra

Tiziano Serra

Dr Tiziano Serra has a strong background in the interdisciplinary field of biomaterials and tissue engineering, including several year of experience in 3D-scaffolds development with both advanced bottom-up (3D-printing, electro-spinning) and conventional (salt leaching, thermal induced phase separation) techniques. Currently, he is a senior scientist at the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science and the Centre for Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine, UCL and leading the work on development of various 3D printing platforms technology for artificial organs. Previously, he held a senior engineer position at the Rapid Prototyping Platform (CIBER-BBN) granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN). He has been actively involved in multidisciplinary international projects such as the European project ANGIOSCAFF (7th FWP, NMP-2007-2.3-1) and Spain-Portugal action (COMPETE, FEDER component).

Affiliations and Expertise

University College London, UK


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