Timothy Palmbach

Timothy Palmbach

Timothy M. Palmbach is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law. He graduated from the University of New Haven with an MSc in forensic science - criminalistics concentration. He was awarded a Graduate Fellowship Award for his academic excellence. In addition, he earned bachelor degrees in chemistry and forensic science from the University of New Haven, Connecticut. In 1982, Mr. Palmbach became a member of the Connecticut State police. Currently, he holds the rank of Major and serves as Commanding Officer for the Division of Scientific Services which consists of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Controlled Substance and Toxicology Laboratory, and the Computer Crime and Electronic Evidence Laboratory. Previous assignments within the State Police include Chief of Staff for the Department of Public Safety, Assistant Director, Forensic Science Laboratory and Supervisor for the Major Crime Unit. During these assignments he testified on numerous occasions in both Connecticut State and Federal courts, including providing expert witness testimony in the areas of crime scene processing and reconstruction and blood spatter pattern interpretation. He has worked on several high profile criminal investigations and assisted Dr. Henry Lee with crime scene reconstruction of several other high profile investigations. Currently, he serves as a member of two forensic investigative committees, chaired by Dr. Henry Lee and comprised of numerous renowned international experts from various forensic science disciplines. One of these committees is dedicated to finding and identifying the remains of Princess Pocahontas and returning them to the United States. Mr. Palmbach is a Practitioner in Residence and Distinguished Lecturer at the University of New Haven, Department of Forensic Sciences. He is an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University, and has lectured at several other universities. In addition, he is a certified law enforcement instruct

Affiliations and Expertise

Connecticut Department of Public Safety and Lecturer, University of New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.


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