Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy

Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy, 5th Edition

Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy, 5th Edition,George Atkinson,ISBN9780323162210

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Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy covers the proceedings of the International Conference on Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy, convened in Lake Placid, New York on August 16-20, 1982. This book is organized into six sections encompassing 51 chapters. The first section deals with the theoretical and computational developments concerning Raman scattering and two-photon and optical spectroscopies. Section II focuses on the instrumentation and techniques of various time-resolved vibrational spectroscopies (TRVS), such as Raman techniques, stroboscopic interferometry, and infrared multiphoton. Sections III and IV deal with the chemical (ground and excited states) and biochemical systems of TRVS. The concluding sections discuss the theoretical principles and methods of observation of nonlinear Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced and colloidal Raman scattering. This book is of value to chemists, spectroscopists, and photobiologists.


Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy, 5th Edition

Contributors Foreword Preface Section I Theoretical and Computational Developments Some Theoretical Considerations Concerning Raman Scattering Intermediate Gauge Formulation of Two-Photon Spectroscopies The Local Mode Picture of Molecular Vibrations Advantages of the Time Correlator Theory of Resonance Raman Scattering On the Interaction Operator in the Optical Spectroscopies: Position vs. Momentum Semiclassical Simulation of Vibronic Processes Normal Coordinate Analysis of Polyene Chains for Interpreting the Vibrational Spectra of Transient and Less Stable Species Spectra from Molecular Dynamics Section II Instrumentation and Techniques Stimulated Raman Techniques for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Gas-Phase Molecules Time-Resolved Study of Subpicosecond Orientational Relaxation in Molecular Liquids Dynamic Measurements of Gas Properties by Vibrational Raman Scattering: Applications to Flames Time-Resolved Photoacoustic Detection of Collisional Relaxation of Vibrationally Excited HD Molecules Stroboscopic Interferometry: A Means to Follow Broadband Infrared Phenomena Using an FT-IR Spectrometer Infrared Multiphoton Excited Visible Luminescence from Hexafluorobenzene Difference Raman Spectroscopy with a Stopped-Flow Device High Overtone Vibrational Spectrum of SF6: Evidence for Localized Vibrations Vibrational Energy Transfer Rate Constants from the Thermal Lens Slowing of the Vibrational Dephasing Time by Hydrogen Bonding in Glycerol Time-Resolved V-T Energy Transfer Measurements in Iodine Monofluoride Section III Chemical Systems: Ground and Excited States Raman Scattering from Excited States with Lifetimes into the Femtosecond Range Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the Electronically Excited States of Transition Metal Bipyridine Complexes Spatial and Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectra of Excited Electronic States of the Uranyl Ion Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectra of Excited 3B2 Phenanthrene Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectra of the Lowest Triplet State of N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl-P-Phenylenediamine in Solution Oxidation Reaction of Excited Triplet p-Benzoquinone Resonance Raman Spectra and Vibrational Analyses of Reaction Intermediates Photochemically Induced Electron Transfer Reactions of trans-Stilbene Electron Transfer Reactions in Stilbene Isomers Time-Resolved Raman Studies of Radiation-Produced Radicals Raman Spectra of Phenoxy Radicals The Electronic and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the Inorganic Transients S2-,S3-, and Se2- Stabilized in Ultramarine Section IV Biochemical Systems Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the K610 and O640 Photointermediates of Bacteriorhodopsin Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Studies of the Photochemical Cycle of Bacteriorhodopsin Resonance Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy of the ? Intermediate in the Bacteriorhodopsin Photocycle Resonance Raman Spectra of Photochemical Picosecond Transients: Method and Application to Study Bacteriorhodopsin Primary Processes Picosecond Events in Biological Processes Applications of Time-Resolved Resonance and Raman Spectroscopy in Radiation Chemistry and Photobiology: Structure and Chemistry of Carotenoids in the Excited Triplet State Influence of Excitation Wavelength on the Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Deoxy Heme Proteins Structure and Dynamics in the Photolysis of CO- and O2-Hemoglobin, Monitored by Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Structure-Function Relationships in Hemoglobin: Transient Raman Studies Resonance Raman Spectra of Photodissociated Carbonmonoxy Hemoglobin (Hb*): Room Temperature Transients and Cryogenically Trapped Intermediates Time-Resolution by Transient Chromophore Creation: Defining the Scissile Bonds in an Enzyme-Substrate Complex to 0.03 Å Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectra of Chlorophyll-A Dimers and Aggregates Using Selective Fluorescence Quenchiiig Section V Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy Excited State Population Effects on Coherent Raman Spectroscopy New Results on Vibrational Dephasing and Population Relaxation from Picosecond Techniques Raman Spectra of Short-Living Molecular States by CARS Resonance CARS of Excited Molecules Section VI Surfaced - Enhanced and Colloidal Raman Scattering Surface Enhancement Mechanisms Time-Resolved Studies of Electrochemical SERS: The Pyridine / Cl- / Ag Model System Combined Surface-Enhanced and Resonance Raman Scattering by Dabsyl Aspartate on Colloidal Silver Transient Raman Scattering Studies of Chemical Kinetics in Aqueous Micellar and Semiconductor Colloidal Solutions
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