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Therapy for Amputees

Therapy for Amputees, 3rd Edition

Therapy for Amputees, 3rd Edition,Barbara Engstrom,Catherine Van de Ven,ISBN9780443059759

Engstrom   &   Van de Ven   

Churchill Livingstone



248 X 191

Therapy for Amputeesis a book for ALL those who work with amputees. Written by a multidisciplinary team for a multidisciplinary readership, the book addresses all aspects of care and rehabilitation for this group of clients. The approach of the book is practical and easy to follow making it appropriate for use by the amputees themselves and those caring for them at home.

It addresses the day to day problems of rehabilitation therapists and their clients in a practical way and considers the provision of care and rehabilitation for amputees as it is managed today. Originally published under the title Physiotherapy for Amputees the Roehampton Approach this new edition takes a broad team approach to this area of rehabilitation which reflects current practice. It acknowledges that the majority of clients now receive rehabilitation therapy in the general hospital setting or at home in the community.

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Barbara Engstrom

MCSP, DipMgt(Open)

Affiliations and Expertise

Formerly Therapy Services Manager, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust, Headington, Oxford

Catherine Van de Ven


Affiliations and Expertise

Formerly Physiotherapy Services Manager, Roehampton Rehabilitation Centre, Queen Mary's University Hospital, London

Therapy for Amputees, 3rd Edition

Introduction. Pre-Operative Assessment. Early Postoperative Treatment. Exercise Programme. Early Mobility. Assessment for Prosthetic Rehabilitation. Prosthetic Services for the Amputee. Normal Locomotion and Prosthetic Replacement. Gait Re-Education. The Hemipelvectomyand Hip Disarticulation Levels of Amputation. The Above-Knee Level of Amputation. The Through-Knee Level of Amputation. The Symes and Partial Foot Levels of Amputation. Advanced Function. Bilateral Amputees. Upper Limb Amputation and Congenital Limb Deficiency. General Advice to the Amputee. The Problem of Pain. Special Cases
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