The Practice of Nursing Research

The Practice of Nursing Research, 7th Edition

Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence

The Practice of Nursing Research, 7th Edition,Susan Grove,Nancy Burns,Jennifer Gray,ISBN9781455707362

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9781455707362 New edition


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With frequent examples from the best of the research literature, this authoritative textprovides you with a comprehensive foundation for appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence for clinical practice. This new edition features an enhanced focus on research as the foundation for evidence-based practice, along with improved readability and more background coverage of qualitative research. This textbook prepares you to understand and apply research, and to go on to conduct original research.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of nursing research organizes content into five units: Introduction to Nursing Research, Nursing Research Processes, Tools for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Strategies for Analyzing Research and Building an Evidence-Based Practice, and Writing Proposals and Obtaining Funding.
  • Rich and frequent examples from the literature demonstrate the importance and immediacy of research in nursing practice and bring principles to life through the context of actual published studies.
  • Strong coverage of quantitative and other clinically-applicable research methodologies gives you a solid grounding to conduct, appraise, and apply research evidence to the realities of clinical practice in today’s healthcare environment.

Susan Grove


Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, College of Nursing, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas; Adult Nurse Practitioner, Family Practice, Grand Prairie, Texas

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Nancy Burns


Affiliations and Expertise

Professor Emeritus, College of Nursing, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas; Faith Community Nurse, St. Matthew Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Burleson, Texas

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Jennifer Gray


Affiliations and Expertise

George W. and Hazel M. Jay Professor, College of Nursing; Associate Dean and Chair, Department of MSN Administration, Education, and PhD Programs, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

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The Practice of Nursing Research, 7th Edition

Unit One. Introduction to Nursing Research

1. Discovering the World of Nursing Research

2. Evolution of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

3. Introduction to Quantitative Research

4. Introduction to Qualitative Research

Unit Two. The Research Process

5. Research Problem and Purpose

6. Review of Relevant Literature

7. Frameworks

8. Objectives, Questions, Hypotheses, and Study Variables

9. Ethics in Research

10. Understanding Quantitative Research Design

11. Selecting a Quantitative Research Design

12. Qualitative Research Methodology

13. Outcomes Research

14. Intervention-Based Research

15. Sampling

16. Measurement Concepts

17. Measurement Methods Used in Developing Evidence for Practice

Unit Three. Putting It All Together for Evidence-Based Health Care

18. Critical Appraisal of Nursing Studies

19. Evidence Synthesis and Strategies for Evidence-Based Practice

Unit Four: Analyzing Data, Determining Outcomes, and Disseminating Research

 20. Collecting and Managing Data

21. Introduction to Statistical Analysis

22. Using Statistics to Describe Variables

23. Using Statistics to Examine Relationships

24. Using Statistics to Predict

25. Using Statistics to Determine Differences

26. Interpreting Research Outcomes

27. Disseminating Research Findings

Unit Five. Proposing and Seeking Funding for Research

28. Writing Research Proposals

29. Seeking Funding for Research


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