The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide

The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide, 2nd Edition

Establishing and Managing an Information Protection Program

The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide, 2nd Edition,Gerald Kovacich,ISBN9780080491530



9780080491530 New edition


Clearly addresses the growing need to protect information and information systems in the global marketplace

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* Six new chapters present the latest information and resources to counter information security threats
* Every chapter contains opening objectives and closing summaries to clarify key points
* Accessible, easy-to-read style for the busy professional


Information systems security continues to grow and change based on new technology and Internet usage trends. In order to protect your organization's confidential information, you need information on the latest trends and practical advice from an authority you can trust. The new ISSO Guide is just what you need.

Information Systems Security Officer's Guide, Second Edition, from Gerald Kovacich has been updated with the latest information and guidance for information security officers. It includes more information on global changes and threats, managing an international information security program, and additional metrics to measure organization performance. It also includes six entirely new chapters on emerging trends such as high-tech fraud, investigative support for law enforcement, national security concerns, and information security consulting.

This essential guide covers everything from effective communication to career guidance for the information security officer. You'll turn to it again and again for practical information and advice on establishing and managing a successful information protection program.


Information security and information assurance managers, technicians and investigators; computer forensic professionals; information technology and network professionals specializing in security.

Gerald Kovacich


Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich has more than 40 years of experience in industrial, business and government security, investigations, information systems security, and information warfare, both in the U.S. Government as a special agent, in international corporations, and subsequently as an international consultant and lecturer. He retired as the Information Warfare Technologist, Northrop Grumman Corporation to pursue a career as an international consultant, lecturer and writer.

Affiliations and Expertise

Security consultant, lecturer, and author, Oak Harbor, WA, USA

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The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide, 2nd Edition

Section I: The Working Environment of an ISSO; Understanding the Information World Environment; Understanding the Business and Management Environment; Understanding Today's Threats to Information Assets; The International Widget Corporation (IWC); Section II: The Duties and Responsibilities of an ISSO; The ISSO's Position, Duties and Responsibilities; The InfoSec Strategic, Tactical, and Annual Plans; Establishing a CIAPP and InfoSec Organization; Determining and Establishing InfoSec Functions; Establishing a Metrics Management System; Annual Re-Evaluation and Future Plans; High Technology Fraud and Other Crimes Investigative Support; InfoSec in the Interest of National Security. SECTION III: Global, Professional, and Personal Challenges of an ISSO: The Related World of Information Warfare, Information Operations, and Information Assurance; The ISSO and Ethical Conduct; ISSO Career Development; How to Market Yourself as an ISSO; So, Are You Ready to Become an InfoSec Consultant?; 21st Century Challenges for the ISSO

Quotes and reviews

Regardless of where you are in the security hierarchy, this is the definitive text for learning what it takes to be an effective information systems security officer (ISSO). The book paints an excellent portrait of an ISSO's duties, challenges, and working environments. It includes everything from how to handle new technologies and threats to how to perform information-security duties in a national-security environment.

Using situations found in actual workplaces, the author leads readers through the process of building an effective corporate information assets protection program (CIAPP) through the fictitious International Widget Corporation. One of the most interesting chapters deals with establishing a metrics-management system, which provides the basics for creating a CIAPP. Metrics management will help ISSOs identify areas needing improvement and methodologies for tracking resource costs and usage.

A chapter on investigative support for high-tech crime is germane to today's ISSOs. The author emphasizes the importance of policies that dictate when an investigation will be done internally or when it will involve law enforcement and, in the latter case, what kind of staff support to provide.

Information warfare, information operations, and information assurance also receive their due in this book. Understanding these concepts is critical to competing in a global environment.

This is a very effective presentation of a broad range of information about a critical security function. It should find a place on the desk of all infosec professionals. - Security Management
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