The Climate of the Mediterranean Region

The Climate of the Mediterranean Region, 1st Edition

From the past to the future

The Climate of the Mediterranean Region, 1st Edition,P. Lionello,ISBN9780123914774

P Lionello   




Presents the evolution of the Mediterranean climate over the past two millennia updated with the latest research

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  • Written by leading experts in the field
  • Presents clear, compelling, and concise evidence
  • Includes the latest thinking in Mediterranean climate research


The Mediterranean region contains a diverse and interesting climate ranging from areas with permanent glaciers to areas of subtropical, semiarid regions. The region is potentially sensitive to climate change and its progress has environmental, social, and economic implications within and beyond the region. Produced by the Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability Research Networking Project, this book reviews the evolution of the Mediterranean climate over the past two millennia with projections further into the twenty-first century as well as examining in detail various aspects of the Mediterranean region’s climate including evolution, atmospheric variables, and oceanic and land elements. Integrated with this, the book also considers the social and economic problems or vulnerabilities associated with the region. Written and reviewed by multiple researchers to ensure a high level of information presented clearly, Mediterranean Climate Variables will be an invaluable source of information for geologists, oceanographers, and anyone interested in learning more about the Mediterranean climate.


Geologists, Earth and Environmental Scientists

P. Lionello

Dr P. Lionello is chairman of the international program MedCLIVAR (Mediterranean CLImate VARiability and predictability) and the International Scientific Steering Committee of the HyMeX program. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts). He is currently teaching physics of the atmosphere and of the oceans at the University of Lecce for courses in physics and environmental science.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Salento and CMCC, Lecce, Italy

The Climate of the Mediterranean Region, 1st Edition

Introduction: Mediterranean Climate: Background information

1: Paleoclimate Variability in the Mediterranean Region

2: A Review of 2000 years of paleoclimatic evidence in the Mediterranean

3: Circulation of the Mediterranean Sea and its Variability

4: Mediterranean Sea Level Variability and Trends

5: Climate of the Mediterranean: Synoptic Patterns, Temperature, Precipitation, Winds, and their Extremes

6: Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation Driving Extreme Climate Events in the Mediterranean and Related Impacts

7: Modeling of the Mediterranean climate system

8: The Climate of the Mediterranean Region in Future Climate Projections

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