Terry McAdam

Terry McAdam

Mr. McAdam has 26 years of experience in the field of forensic investigations. He is currently employed as the Supervisory Agent In Charge of the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory in Tacoma, Washington. He is also a proud graduate of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 1979. He also earned a National Certificate in Chemistry from the University of Ulster in 1977. Terry McAdam has been continuously employed as a criminal forensic scientist since 1977. He has served both the Washington State Patrol (16 years) and The Northern Ireland Forensic Science Service (10 years) with distinction for more than a quarter century. He has developed subject matter expertise and decades of total experience in the following areas of trace evidence: • Glass analysis (17 years) • Paint analysis (17 years) • Small particle identification (17 years) • Fibers (11 years) • Explosives (3 years) • Hair (14 years) • Clothing damage interpretation (17 years) • Scanning Electron Microanalysis (17 years) • Shoe impressions (11 years) • Tire impressions (10 years) Furthermore, during the course of his career, Terry McAdam has personally processed over 330 violent felony crime scenes, to include homicides and rapes (175), arsons and bombings (60), hit and run accidents (45), and firearms assaults (50). Terry McAdam has also played an integral role in the investigations of both the Robert Lee Yates (Spokane and Tacoma serial murder) and the Gary Leon Ridgeway (Green River serial murder) cases. He has testified in various felony cases in superior and federal courts throughout the State of Washington on 163 occasions involving trace evidence and crime scene processing. In addition to his academic credentials and work experience, Terry McAdam has successfully completed nearly 800 hours of additional education and training in forensic science and crime scene technology during his tenure with the Washington State Patrol.

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratory Manager, Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory, Seattle, Washington, USA