Teodora  Retegan

Teodora  Retegan

Teodora Retegan is a researcher (PhD) at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden since 2009 in Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Materials Recycling group. There she conducts research related to extraction and separation of metals by means of solvent extraction from different streams like: spent nuclear fuel, electronic waste (WEEE), mining industry (primary and secondary sources) and secondary waste from industrial processes. She has been working in close relation with industry and is/has been leading or contributing to numerous projects related to industrial applications. She de facto supervising 3 PhD students in industrial recycling and is referee for 2 more (industrial design and recycling of nuclear waste). She is acting as reviewer for scientific journals and different national or international (European) funding bodies. She is also the recipient of two national Environmental prizes for Strategies for discarding of WEEE, especially smaller electronic devices (2010) from Renova and for Recycling and detoxification of waste fluorescent lamps and CFLs (2014) from The Foundation of King Carl XVI Gustaf's 50th Anniversary Fund for Science, Technology and Environment.

Affiliations and Expertise

Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Materials Recycling, Gothenburg, Sweden