Sven  Bestmann

Sven  Bestmann

Dr Bestmann’s research interests are centered around action control, and how our brain makes decisions that ultimately lead to controlled movements. He has approached this question using a combination of different research techniques with complementary strengths, including functional neuroimaging, electrophysiology, psychophysics, computational modeling, pharmacology, and neurostimulation. One prominent research activity throughout his career has been the use of interventional approaches to study brain-behaviour relationships. He has a long-standing interest in using non-invasive brain stimulation, and its combination with complementary research approaches such as functional neuroimaging. Recently, the research interest has included the use of computational models to understand the specific processes targeted by various neurostimulation techniques. He has recently coined the term computational neurostimulation, to describe this approach of using computational modeling to study the behavioural consequences of non-invasive brain stimulation. He is a Reader in Motor Neuroscience at the Sobell Department, UCL. His research has been supported by major funding sources, such as the European Research Council, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and Wellcome Trust. He is a Board member and Chair of Life Science domain of the Young Academy of Europe.

Affiliations and Expertise

CL Institute of Neurology, London, UK


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