Stefano Caselli

Stefano Caselli

Stefano Caselli is Vice Rector for International Affairs and Full Professor of Banking and Finance at Department of Finance of Bocconi University in Milan. He conducts research at domestic and international levels and has written about private equity, SME’s and family business financing, corporate finance, corporate banking and banking strategy. He is a member of the scientific committees of CER (Centro Europa Ricerche in Rome), ECMI (European Capital Market Institute in Bruxelles), EVCA (European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association for PEREP Group in Bruxelles), ENTER (the research centre for entrepreneurship of Bocconi University) and CAREFIN (the research centre for financial innovation of Bocconi University). He serves as an independent director on several boards of corporations and financial institutions and has supported many companies and institutions as strategic consultant (among them, Borsa Italiana for Elite Project, ABI Associazione Bancaria Italiana, OCSE, Consob for the working group devoted to incentives for stock exchange).

Affiliations and Expertise

Full Professor of Banking and Finance, Universita' Bocconi, ITALY