Stefan Huggenberger

Stefan Huggenberger

Stefan Huggenberger studied in Cologne (Germany) and graduated with the diploma in Biology on morphological aspects of the harbor porpoise population in the Baltic Sea. Since 1999, he performed research on the echolocation system of toothed whales (Ph.D. in Biology). Next to several scientific articles he published chapters in German text books about whales and dolphins illustrated with high-quality graphic work. Current scientific projects focus on the neuroanatomy, and physiology of the auditory system in amphibians, rodents, and particularly toothed whales. In 2010, Dr. Huggenberger organized a marine mammal morphology workshop in Stralsund (Germany) which was the intellectual starting line of this book on The Anatomy of Dolphins.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Anatomy II, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany


Authors: Bruno Cozzi & Stefan Huggenberger & Helmut Oelschläger Release Date: 11 Oct 2016
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