Spatial Capture-Recapture, 1st Edition

Spatial Capture-Recapture, 1st Edition,J. Royle,Richard B. Chandler,Rahel Sollmann,Beth Gardner,ISBN9780124059399

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Spatial Capture-Recapture provides a revolutionary extension of traditional capture-recapture methods for studying animal populations using data from live trapping, camera trapping, DNA sampling, acoustic sampling, and related field methods.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive reference on revolutionary new methods in ecology makes this the first and only book on the topic
  • Every methodological element has a detailed worked example with a code template, allowing you to learn by example
  • Includes an R package that contains all computer code and data sets on companion website


Spatial Capture-Recapture provides a comprehensive how-to manual with detailed examples of spatial capture-recapture models based on current technology and knowledge. Spatial Capture-Recapture provides you with an extensive step-by-step analysis of many data sets using different software implementations. The authors' approach is practical - it embraces Bayesian and classical inference strategies to give the reader different options to get the job done. In addition, Spatial Capture-Recapture provides data sets, sample code and computing scripts in an R package.


Ecologists and biologists

J. Royle

Affiliations and Expertise

Research Statistician, U.S. Geological Survey, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, USA

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Richard B. Chandler

Affiliations and Expertise

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, Athens, GA, USA

Rahel Sollmann

Affiliations and Expertise

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

Beth Gardner

Affiliations and Expertise

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

Spatial Capture-Recapture, 1st Edition

I. Background and Concepts
     1. Introduction
     2. Statistical Models and SCR
     3. GLMs and Bayesian Analysis
     4. Closed Population Models
II. Basic SCR Models
     5. Fully Spatial Capture-Recapture Models
     6. Likelihood Analysis of Spatial Capture-Recapture Models
     7. Modeling Variation In Encounter Probability
     8. Model Selection and Assessment
     9. Alternative Observation Models
     10. Sampling Design
III. Advanced SCR Models
     11. Modeling Spatial Variation in Density
     12. Modeling Landscape Connectivity
     13. Integrating Resource Selection with Spatial Capture-Recapture Models
     14. Stratified Populations: Multi-session and Multi-site Data
     15. Models for Search-Encounter Data
     16. Open Population Models
IV. Super-Advanced SCR Models
     17. Developing Markov Chain Monte Carlo Samplers
     18. Unmarked Populations
     19. Spatial Mark-Resight Models for partially identifiable populations
     20. 2012: A Spatial Capture-Recapture Odyssey
V. Appendices

Quotes and reviews

"...a timely and informative contribution that summarizes the history and motivation behind SCR models,...will be a vital addition to wildlife ecologist’s book shelves for many years to come."--The Journal of Wildlife Management, Sep 14
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