Sovan Lek

Sovan Lek

Sovan Lek is a Professor at the University of Toulouse. His research is mainly in Fish Community Ecology and Ecological Modelling. In Fish Community Ecology, his research concerns the biodiversity and the spatial distribution of fish according to the environmental characteristics and the response of fish community to the human disturbances, especially land-use, hydromorphology, climate warming. The distribution of fish is considered according to the scale of variation, varying from local to regional and global scales, in relationship with the environmental variables. In Ecological Modelling, he is mainly interested in the use of machine learning techniques. He is also familiar with the uses of classical modelling techniques like classical statistic methods (multiple linear regression, multi-variate analyses ) and modern statistical methods (CART, GAM, PLS ). He has participated in several EU projects in the fields of Ecology and Global changes. He also participated in bilateral projects with several Asian countries. He is an editorial member of Ecological Modelling and associate editor of Ecological Informatics.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Toulouse, France