Simon Carladous

Simon Carladous

Simon Carladous received his Master Engineering Degree from ENGEES, France (2005) and Master of Sciences in Natural Risks Management from Montpellier University, France (2013). He has 8 years experience in program and project management in different fields, namely drinking and wastewater management, natural hazards management in mountains (torrential floods, avalanches, rockfalls). He is currently undertaking his PhD thesis at Irstea in natural hazards management fields to develop decision-aid methods, taking into account information quality.

Affiliations and Expertise

Agriculture and Environment Engineer (IAE) - PhD student at Irstea / AgroParisTech, Grenoble, France


Authors: Jean-Marc Tacnet & Simon Carladous & Guillaume Piton Release Date: 01 Jan 2025
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